Attention! The cable car can cross the top of your house

Attention! The cable car can pass through your house: According to the bill covering the road from the prosecution of expropriated citizens, without expropriation, any kind of metro, rail system, ropeway or bridge can be constructed under or over buildings by saying 'public interest'.

Without expropriation, ray public interest ve, especially the houses, especially under the subway, from the underground, such as ropeway transport lines, all kinds of bridges, subways and similar rail transport systems can be made. In the rationale of this regulation, it was emphasized that the construction of subway, rail system, ropeway or bridge often prevented the rights of immovable owners and emphasized that this practice would reduce the cost of expropriation considerably. The rationale emphasized the necessity of çek the necessity of preventing the property rights of the owners of the immovable properties and taking necessary measures for the safety of property ğ. With this arrangement, the state will be freed from the high cost of expropriation in the establishment of metro and rail systems, bridges and ropeway systems in metropolitan cities such as Ankara and Izmir, mainly in Istanbul.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:34

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