D 100 highway Bolu Mountain section began cleaning summer in Bakacak

D 100 highway Bolu Mountain section Summer cleaning started in Bakacak location: Summer cleaning on Bolu mountain - Highway crews are cleaning the roadside in Bolu Mountain. D-100 highway, summer cleaning started in Bakacak, Bolu Mountain. With the work done in the middle refuge of the D-100 Highway, the dirt that causes burden to the drivers is cleaned. Linking Asia with Europe and Turkey gave the vehicle's point of contact with the dense traffic on the D-100 highway Bolu Mountain Bakacak of maintenance and repair work on the cutting speed.
Highways crews collect scoops with dust, sand and other garbage that may cause distress while driving on the highway and accumulate dust, sand and other garbage in the middle refuge. It is still a matter of curiosity for the drivers of the region, even for the drivers of this section of the highway, when the highways that perform summer cleaning on Bolu Mountain will take action to illuminate the road. On the other hand, SEDAŞ Chairman Bekir Sami Güven stated in the statement that he made in Düzce last week that the lighting of the D-100 Highway Bolu mountain section could not be done because the highways did not provide the road plan.

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