Konya is counting days for building of new railway station

Counting the days to the new railway station building in Konya: expanding railways in Turkey. Different investments are made to meet some needs. The planned train station in Konya is one of them. The new station will be the first in Turkey with its size, the tender will be held in the coming days.

Following Ankara and Eskişehir, Istanbul is also being added to the High Speed ​​Train service. In order to alleviate the intensity, the authorities will take action. The new railway station, planned to be built in the vicinity of the old wheat market, will relieve the burden of the historical Konya Garage. The work will be completed in a short time such as 15 months.

Logistics is expected to be located in the new station building to be close to the village due to the importance of the Rail-Work Union Konya-expressing the President Necati Kökat, "The size of the garage, which will draw attention to the size of the job was completed. Hopefully in the coming days, the tender will be delivered to the winning company, '' he said.


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