The Control Period Starts in Municipal Buses; Stray Passengers

The Control Period Starts in Municipal Buses; Leakage Passengers On The Above: The Berlin City Vehicles Company BVG does not open up an eye for illegal passengers in the city. Thanks to the new strategy implemented at the beginning of the year, the ratio of illegal passengers using public transport without a ticket fell below 6. This rate was recorded as 8,5 last year.
BVG announced that they have tightened controls to reduce the number of illegal passengers. In order to minimize the number of illegal passengers, the number of ticket controls in public transport such as subway and tram will be further increased.
According to information obtained from 2 million 800 thousand passengers since the new year was checked. Approximately 600 thousand passengers were found to be on the run. The most frequently checked subway lines in Berlin were U 2 and U 9. In the tram lines, the most frequent check is made on M 10. According to the information provided by BVG, the driver will have to pass the ticket checks on the municipal buses, even though the driver is obliged to show pass or ticket.
On the other hand, the public transport vehicles on the social sharing platform, Facebook, a common page opened on Facebook and the other people who are subjected to ticket control by trying to prevent them from sticking to the control said.



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