Infrastructure Works in Bozyazı

Bozyazı Substructure Works In Progress: Bozyazı Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, began to work asphalt in the entire district.
Mayor Mehmet Ballı stated that the studies conducted in the district were carried out within the framework of a certain program. Yürütül In the development process of a district, infrastructure works are of great importance. It is not possible to talk about a healthy urbanization in a district where the infrastructure is insufficient. Taking this development and growth into consideration, we give priority to infrastructure services as Bozyazı Municipality. It is necessary not to build a superstructure before finishing the infrastructure. We made 2003 kilometers asphalt in Bozyazı during 2014-180. The roads were broken due to sewerage works. Serious erosion occurred on asphalt in Bozyazı. In the summer, we dug in the mud in the winter. But we are solving the problem of sewerage in our district. I would like to thank our people who have fallen into this dust and mud for their patience. During the summer we will do asphalt works within a certain program, belli he said.
Ballı stated that they have completed the infrastructure works for the asphalt works of the places taken, and that they will overcome the problem as soon as possible by making the asphalt of the roads. We had ongoing sewer construction, wastewater treatment plant construction projects before the election. After the selection of infrastructure work continues rapidly, we have identified the problems of villages and villages connected to our municipality as a neighborhood. We got it in our study program. Before the summer season, we have done the cleaning and necessary arrangements on the beaches of Bozyazı, Tekmen and Tekeli Yaz.
Ballı said that a total of 103 voice alarm systems were established within the boundaries of Bozyazı district. Ilmış 11 units, 1 pieces, 1 pieces, 13 pieces were installed in the Tekeli area, including the 17 handshake system. The 500 voice alarm system was installed in highlands and villages. Thousands of 600 meters of Elmakuzu Highland drinking water pipeline have been renewed. In Elmakuzu Plateau, drinking water tank is insufficient. A new water reservoir is needed to eliminate the problem of drinking water in your neighborhood. We made our research and findings. We applied to the Metropolitan Municipality. Engineers from the Metropolitan Municipality came to the warehouse and construction. We continue to work on this issue. Thousands of XNUMX meters of steel pipes supplied by the Special Provincial Administration were boiled by Bozyazı Municipality and installed between Gözce Karapınar and Kızılyer. Improvements were made in plateau roads. During the winter, deteriorated highland roads were opened, blanketed as necessary, asphalted places deteriorated in winter conditions. Hardwood roads were damaged due to sewage works. Rotmiks asphalt material was prepared for asphalt roads in the municipality of asphalt road. We started asphalt works. As
Ballı said, ayı The coastal project is a bridge over the Sini River, artificial waterfall, animal shelter and market place projects. Studies on animal shelter have started. We are working with the Metropolitan Municipality about the animal shelter to be built in Tekmen District. We made our application about our market place project to the Metropolitan Municipality. Studies are continuing ”he said.


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