Unfinished Road Causes Accidents

Unfinished Road Causes Accidents: YOZGAT'ta divided asphalt work planned to be done after the infrastructure work on the completion of concrete asphalt, said that triggered fatal traffic accidents. Because of the works closed to traffic, access to a single lane in the traffic accidents that occurred in the sections of this year 12 people were killed, 6 people were injured.
International E-88 Highway, starting from Kırıkkale, extending to Sivas and passing through Yozgat 220 kilometer section, divided road works were completed, surface pavement was opened by transportation. Afterwards, the concrete asphalt works started to be completed in pieces due to the fact that 8 was continued in pieces during the annual period and the road could not be fully opened. Yozgat-Saray and Yozgat-Sorgun were started to work in March and some of the road was closed to traffic. The transportation on the road connecting Eastern Anatolia to the western regions started to be given from a single lane in these sections. Since March, 3 people have lost their lives in a separate traffic accident, where 12 people have been injured in the same accidents.
Regional Director of Highways 6'nci Aydogan Aslan, Yozgat, the total cost of the ongoing road works project is 1 billion pounds 543 million pounds, the previous years of this 588 million pounds spent, this year will continue with the appropriation of 27 million pounds. Aslan, the road from the province of Yozgat Kirikkale Yerköy district until the 28 kilometer section of the work was finished the previous year, Xozum-Saray section of Yozgat close to transportation, said they completed an important part of the work.
Aslan stated that they are planning to complete the works in Yozgat-Yerköy section by the end of the year and said, Sor Studies have been completed on the 40 kilometer section between Sorgun-Akdağmadeni-Sivas Yıldızeli which is the continuation of the project. This year, the entrance of Sorgun 7 kilometer by closing the road to traffic by the 5 kilometer Pazardzhik said.



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