Bilecik OSB Chairman: Make the road connected to the high speed train

Bilecik OSB President: Make a road connected to the high-speed train. It was announced that the top institution that will put Bilecik Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) problems on the table will come to Bilecik. Bilecik OSB Chairman Mehmet Arslan stated that the management of the Organized Industrial Zones Supreme Organization (OSBÜK) will come to Bilecik on Tuesday, 15 July to discuss the issues of Bilecik.

Mehmet Arslan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bilecik OSB, stated that there should be a high-speed train behind the Organized Industrial Zone. Aslan, 'I speak as Arslan Aluminum, every day in 2018, 80 trucks will go from here to the surrounding provinces and abroad. Where and which roads to go, which trucks will take this road in this city. Behind the industry, let us use the high-speed train to get there. If I am an industrialist here, I would like to reach this train, I would like to reach this bus. Corrupted, thirsty, without electricity, these do not progress. I am 70 years old, I will try to do whatever I can. '

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