Dam Water Swallowed by Bridge

Bridge Swallowed by Dam Waters Opened for Transportation: Haydaroba village bridge, which provides transportation of 6 village in Yenice district of Çanakkale, was opened again after the dam waters were withdrawn.
Yenice-Gönen Dam Lake on the Haydaroba village bridge in the winter months with falling rain water and 1 meters under the water closed by access to the bridge, the Gönen plains of the agricultural land again, surfaced. After the repair of the bridge was opened again.
Haydaroba village headman Halil Özkanlı said, “The water of the dam lake, rising with the rain in the winter, swallows our bridge every year and hinders the transportation of our village. In order to go to Yenice district, we, as village people, have to travel 18 kilometers more. Although we expressed the trouble we had to the authorities for the construction of a new bridge, we have not gotten any results so far. As the villagers of Haydaroba, we started to work to establish a bridge to build and maintain a new bridge, ”he said.



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