Wrecked Roads in Ayvalık

Ayvalık broken roads asphalted: Balikesir Mayor Rahmi Gençer Ayvalik, infrastructure work during the deterioration of the asphalt repair work has been instructed to start the relevant units.
The works started on the road that was damaged due to the asphalt damaged by the infrastructure works initiated last year on Mevlana Street. On the way to the narrowing of the time when the drivers to face dangerous situations will be eliminated by expanding the path. In this way, Ayvalik Municipality started to work on asphalt maintenance and repair works with rotmix material of 3 bin 400 square meters. Rah We see the shortcomings of Ayvalık in terms of aesthetics and security in the city planning of Ayvalık. We started our asphalt works from Mevlana Street due to the urgency. These works will spread all over Ayvalik, tüm he said.


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