Single County Without Asphalt

Non-Asphalt Single County: Akkuş, the only district in the province where there is no hot asphalt application, will be covered with hot asphalt in the summer period.
Akkus Mayor Isa Demirci, who visited Mehmet Cetin, 7th Regional Director of Highways Samsun, in his office, exchanged views on the roads belonging to the highways in the Akkus region. Highways Samsun 7th Regional Director Mehmet Çetin stated that Akkuş was the only district in Ordu where they did not make hot asphalt. Stating that it is not possible to make a divided road into Akkuş, Regional Manager Çetin said, “We have examined whether a divided road can be made, but we have seen that the existing route is not suitable for a divided road for now. However, we decided to make hot asphalt, at least in order for the city transition to have a beautiful appearance. We will start our work in a short time and we will introduce the Akkus crossing of the Akkus-Niksar road with hot asphalt before winter comes.
Akkus Mayor Isa Demirci stated that the only place where there is no hot asphalt in the Ordu region is their districts and thanked Mehmet Çetin, the 7th Regional Director of Highways Samsun, for the city transition will be made with hot asphalt.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:37

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