Breaths were held for the Ordu Ring Road Project

Breaths were held for the Ordu Ring Road Project: The Ordu Ring Road Project Will Save Time and Money When the Army Ring Road Project is completed, the 1 hourly road will be reduced to 10 minutes.
After the completion of the Ordu Ring Road Project, the construction of which started approximately two years ago, it was stated that it would save fuel and time for the citizens.
The work on the Ordu Ring Road, which has a length of 19 kilometers and tunnels of 6,5 kilometers, continues at full speed. After the construction works, the project was welcomed by the people of the region.
İrfan Balkanlıoğlu, the Governor of Ordu, who followed the works on the spot, stated that the Ordu Ring Road Project is in full swing.
Explaining that the expropriation process continues on the Ordu Ring Road, with a total cost of 600 million liras, Balkanlıoğlu said, “We have 3 tunnels passing through Boztepe, Öceli and Terzili neighborhoods on this road. Boztepe tunnel is 3 thousand 310 meters, Öceli tunnel is 2 thousand 19 meters and Terzili tunnel is 180 meters. ”
With the completion of the Ordu Ring Road, a huge amount of money will be given to the economy and the people of Ordu. kazanEmphasizing that he will bring three, Balkanlıoğlu said:
“There is a feverish study. Turkey's strongest companies are working on this road. That's why things are being done quickly. When Ordu Ring Road is opened, fuel savings will be achieved in the first place. An amount of 26 million liras of fuel will be saved annually. That's a huge number. And people are too fast kazanthey will cry. from time kazanthey will cry. Due to the traffic lights and heavy vehicle traffic on the road passing through the city, especially the transit vehicles were experiencing huge difficulties. With the opening of the Ordu Ring Road, they too kazanacak is in Ordu kazanit will hurt.”
Explaining that the 1-hour road will drop to 10 minutes with the opening of Ordu Ring Road, Governor Balkanlıoğlu said:
“The road currently used cost at least 40 minutes for some of our drivers and 1 hour and 2 hours for heavy traffic. Now they will pass this road in 10 minutes. Time will drop to 4 in 1. When this road goes into service, everyone who will save both time and money. There are tunnels and viaducts on the road. These tunnels and viaducts are slowly coming to an end. Hopefully, if there is no problem in the allowance flow, Ordu Ring Road Project will be opened at the end of 2015. ”

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