Ankara-Istanbul YHT Line Works

No Addition in Ankara-Istanbul YHT Line Studies: The works on the train tracks continue after the High Speed ​​Train accident in Dilovası.

Following the train accident that took place yesterday in the Dilovası location of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) construction that will connect Istanbul to Ankara, the works continue without interruption. In the statement made by TCDD about the accident, it was stated that the accident occurred when the High Speed ​​Train named Piri Reis hit the Rail Grinding Vehicle of the contractor company, which was not supposed to be there at the time.

After the accident, Piri Reis Train was taken into maintenance, while the Contractor's Rail Grinding Vehicle was taken from the construction site by a TIR. Authorities made investigations at the scene. It was learned that the work and test drives on the YHT line will continue without any problems.



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