Ankara-Istanbul Yht Flights Delirium

Ankara-Istanbul Yht Flights Sevindirdi: Ankara-Istanbul between the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) is intense interest.

High Speed ​​Train (YHT) opened to service between Ankara and Istanbul is busy. YHT, which will carry free passengers for a week, Eskişehirliler'i also happy. Eskisehir Gar Directorate officials from Istanbul to Eskisehir 2 hour 20 minutes to arrive in the YHT'un half an hour delay, he said.

Passengers taking the YHT from Istanbul Pendik to Ankara came to the Eskişehir Railway Station at about 3 hours. Garda descending passengers, YHT said they were glad to start the voyages. Nuri Özkan, who came to Eskişehir from Istanbul and said that he would take YHT from Eskişehir to Konya, said 'Our journey passed very nicely. We boarded the 10.40 train. It was slow for a certain period of time, but after reaching the road, we saw that it caught the 250. Eskişehir to Konya, and then we will go to Karaman holiday. Esk

Some passengers, especially in Bilecik near the very slow YHT'nin, speed has fallen to 35 kilometers, but in some places more than 250 speed, he said.

Eskişehir Gar Directorate officials from Istanbul to Eskisehir 2 hours around 20 minutes to come around the YHT'ların half a time delay, he said. An official said, lar In the region where there are bridges and tunnels near Bilecik, trains reduce the speed. Because a by-pass line was created temporarily in this area. Trains are slowing down here. The construction of the High Speed ​​Train Line is under way. Even between Eskişehir and Ankara there are no delays or problems. When the work of the line in Bilecik is completed, the delays will be eliminated Bil.


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