And in Üçyol-Üçkuyular Metro F.Altay

And at Üçyol-Üçkuyular Metro in F.Altay: Completing the Polygon and F.Altay metro stations built 3 floors below the ground, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has started very comprehensive tests such as the signaling network and energy system simultaneously with the test drives. Metropolitan officials announced that maximum security was provided in the tunnels.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality came to the end at the Poligon and Fahrettin Altay stations, which are the last link of the Üçyol-Üçkuyular metro line. In these two stations where test drives are carried out, comprehensive tests such as the signaling network, the energy system and the measurements of the platforms are also carried out.

With the Polygon and F. Altay stations that will be put into service after İzmirspor, Hatay and Göztepe, İzmir metro will start to serve with 20 stations on a 17-kilometer line. Thus, uninterrupted transportation will be provided from Bornova Evka 3 to Fahrettin Altay, from the east to the west of the city in a short time like half an hour with the convenience and comfort of the metro.

19 floor, 3 floor, 4 passenger entrance with built-in 2 meter. There are 12 pcs escalators with 22 handicapped elevator at the station. The 3 meters of 5 meters were built with 2 floors and 13 passenger entrances. There are also XNUMX pieces with handicapped elevators and XNUMX escalators.


İzmir Metropolitan Municipality experienced a very difficult construction period due to ground conditions in the construction works of the 5.5-kilometer Üçyol-Üçkuyular metro line. Due to the swelling of the base concrete (Invert) of the line in May 2011, the world-renowned Netherlands Royal Haskoning DHV company experts were brought to Izmir by the consultant firm STFA-SEMALY Joint Venture. According to the reports prepared, the proposed drainage improvement works were designed and carried out completely. Moreover, in terms of the statics of the tunnel, in addition to the existing foundation concrete on the aforementioned route, with the reinforced C55 concrete of 40 cm thickness, rail laying was transformed into a fixed system and maximum safety was provided in the tunnels.


In addition, fire fighting scenarios were made in tunnels and stations. Projects were carried out in accordance with these scenarios and fire warning and ventilation systems were installed at all stations to be activated in case of fire. The fire exits at Göztepe Station were made in accordance with the NPFA 130 standard, which is the fire regulation of the stations.

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