Alstom and QDVC win Lusail Tram Contract

Alstom and QDVC won the Lusail Tram Contract: Qatar 23 Alstom and QDVC Consortium won the tender for the construction of the tram network of Qatar Rail Lusail in June on Qatar's railway project manager. In 23 Hairan, this 2 billion contract was signed between Emir Sheiks Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani and French President François Hollande in Paris.

The city of Lusail is in the north of Doha, a city by the sea and the reconstruction continues. The aim is to connect the Lusail Light Railway to the future Doha Metro and the national railway network. Lusail network will have four lines, Green, Red, Purple and Yellow lines. The line is planned to be 33 km long and 7 is planned to be underground. 37 pieces will be stalled. In addition, a warehouse with maintenance and storage areas will be built and a test line will be built. The 2 billion-euro contract was signed for the Yellow line.

Alstom's share includes 450 million € and line work, signaling, transformer centers, catenary system, APS ground level power supply systems and 35 pieces Citadis tramway.

QDVC 51: 49 is a joint venture of a Qatari Diar and Vinci Construction Grands Projets joint venture. The excavations related to the QDVC open-close tunnel were started in 2009 and in 2011, the 374 signed a contract and construction contract for XNUMX million € for the construction of a underground carriage and eight underground stations on the highway.

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