Highways will be charged in Germany

Highways in Germany will be paid: German Transport Minister Dobrindt shared with the press the new draft law stipulating that all highways should be paid.
The bill was prepared for highway crossings to be paid in Germany.
The draft prepared by the German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt was distributed to the press in Berlin. Dobrindt promises no extra costs for German car drivers, saying no one will pay more than now.
Explaining that the motor vehicle tax will be reduced for the cost of the vignette, Dobrindt said, "The vehicle tax will be reduced and it will be cheaper for everyone in Germany".
Thanks to the new regulation, Transport Minister Dobrindt said they expect to earn more than 2,5 billion euros in a legislative period, which is expected to be used for road construction.
Dobrindt stated that the regulation is in line with EU law and that he expects it to be implemented from 1 January 2016.
According to the draft, all vehicle owners will have to buy a vignette stamp. It was stated that when vehicle owners in Germany register their vehicles, the vignette stamp will be sent to them by mail.
Foreign vehicle owners will be able to purchase the vignette stamp at gas stations or on the Internet. The year-round stamp will be around 100 euros, 2 monthly stamp 20 euros and 10 daily, which will be around 10 euros.


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