Modern intersections are being made

Modern crossings are being built in Aksarah: In Aksaray, municipal teams are building modern crossings to eliminate the ugly images. The teams of the Municipal Directorate of Science Affairs and the Transportation Services Directorate are doing crossroads and asphalt works in various parts of the city. The municipal teams organized the intersections across the Intercity Bus Terminal, Metropol College and Aksaray Hospital.
The teams widening the narrow areas of the intersections and paving the curbstones put hot asphalt on the roads and offered them to the service of the citizens in a modern way. Mayor Haluk Şahin Yazgı stated that with the arrangements made at the terminal intersection, the existing ugly images were eliminated and wide, regular and modern intersections were built on behalf of them, and said that the works will continue without slowing down. Stating that they are working with all their might to make Aksaray a livable brand city, President Yazgı said that they will provide the people of Aksaray with the most beautiful and qualified service they deserve in every region.



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