It has come to an end on the Abant-Taşkesti road

Abant-Taşkesti road came to an end: The hot asphalt work that started about 10 days ago on the Abant-Taşkesti road came to an end. When the works are completed on the mentioned road, Aladağ-Sarıalan and Yedigöller road are next. Giving information about the works, Secretary General of Private Administration Sırrı Köstereli said, “All our teams have entered an intense working environment in the field in order to make good use of the hot weather. I hope we will have finished our existing programs in the best way in a short time. ”
Asphalt works carried out by the Provincial Special Administration teams continue at full speed. Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Sırrı Köstereli stated that the end of the next week will start on the way to Aladağ-Sarıalan until the end of next week. Köstereli said, i We started our asphalt works about 10 days in the way of Abant-Taşkesti. We've got a couple of days of work out there, and we're nearing the end. There are repairs at several points. As a result of our protocol with the Municipality of Bolu hot asphalt work is carried out by our municipality. After we finish our work between Abant and Taşkesti, we will start to work on the 10 kilometer road between Aladağ and Sarıalan in the next weekend. At the end of the rate, I think we will be able to enter Yedigöller road, Oran he said.
Köstereli stated that the Special Administrative teams have carried out the works in a selfless manner. Or Asphalt teams are working intensively in these roads, districts and central districts. The rainy weather until one month ago may have caused a little delay in our work, but now all our teams have entered a busy working environment in order to make a good use of the hot air. Hopefully, we will complete our existing programs in the best possible way.



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