Abant-Taşkesti road catches the holiday

The Abant-Taşkesti road is on holiday: the hot asphalt works have begun on the road between Abant-Taşkesti, which is expected to be built for many years and is of great importance for the people of Taşkesti. Ali Ercoşkun, the deputy of Bolu, who watched the works on-site, gave the good news that the road will be opened to traffic before the Ramadan Feast.
AK Party Bolu Deputy Ali Ercoskun, along with the Provincial General Assembly Speaker Yasar Yuceer, Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Sirri Kosher, Mudurnu Provincial Council Members Ahmet Uzun, Vedat Ozkan, AK Party Mudurnu District Chairman Sezai Gundogdu and Taşkesti Municipality Chairman Yusuf Mintaş Abant -Taskesti between the hot asphalt studies began on the site examined.
Bolu Deputy Ali Ercoşkun stated that the great effort was made for the road to be built for years and that this road will be opened to the service of the people of the region before the holiday. Millet We have started the hot asphalt construction of the road between Taşkesti and Abant, which we have been working with for years. It's a real happy event. Because we have realized an important study which will contribute to the development of the region and the development of tourism, which has been desired by the people of the region for a long time, and this is done with the resources of Special Administration. The members of the Provincial General Assembly, including the Provincial General Assembly, the members of the General Assembly, the secretary general and the staff of the private administration are very big in this way. We have a source that our government has sent here specifically. Because if we have spent only the resources of the Special Administration here, then the works to be done to the villages will be lost. Therefore, we need to thank our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for an extra source. This road will be completed in a short time and even before Ramadan. The fact that we completed the support of hazelnuts as the Taşkesti, on the other hand, the way between Abat-Taşkesti and the construction of the road between Mudurnu and Abant shows how much we care about this region. Hopefully, together with the people of the region, we will sign more beautiful works with our organizations. I would like to thank everyone who contributed Katkı.
The General Assembly Speaker Yaşar Yüceer thanked the Special Administration personnel who made a great effort in the construction of the road. We started in hot asphalt, but maybe two months since the tools and staff of our Special Administration is working on this path and the infrastructure. I thank them in this sense. I would also like to thank our deputy who contributed to the formation of this road. Abant-Taşkesti and then Aladağ-Sarıalan, a amount in the amount of 10 million TL was transferred to our private administration budget last year for Yedigöller. That was the budget. After this road, Aladağ-Sarıalan will start the hot asphalt work. I thank everyone who contributed E.
The Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, Sırrı Köstereli, expressed the wish that it would be beneficial and said, lı It was a planned route for many years. It was gratifying for us to be started on the hot asphalt. Hopefully, the people of the region will be opened before the holiday, bay he said.
After studying road works Ali Ercoşkun who made afternoon prayer with the people of the town and his retinue, also met with the citizens after the prayer. Listen to the needs and demands of the people of the people of the town of Ercoşkun'a citizens thanked for the work of the road. 64 is a citizen, “I am 64. We've been dreaming that this road has been paved since 64. Thanks to you. God bless you ileri remarks Ercoşkun and his co-politicians are very happy. After these words, Ercoşkun said, kısa I hope you will have a feast before the holiday, tamamlan he gave the good news that the road will be completed in a short time.



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