Workers working in Konak Tunnels made iftar of the floor under 110 meters

Host Tunnel in workers place made Iftar at 110 meters: Turkey's biggest inner-city tunnel project, which host Tunnel of workers from, live by road along the Ramadan blessings location at 110 meters 2 Regional Director Uraloğl of "this requires tough and precision the team running the project is working in a family solidarity ”-“ By the end of this year, we will have finished the tunnel excavations and possibly opened the tunnel to traffic ”
In the Konak Tunnels project, which will ease the urban transportation in Izmir, the workers who gave three shifts between iftar break experienced the joy of Ramadan 110 meters below the ground.
Turkey's largest city inside the mansion with two thirds of the tunnel Tunnels project has been completed. The project, which continues without stopping within the scope of the goal of opening to traffic until the end of the year, continues without slowing down in Ramadan.
The 674 worker works underneath the ground to connect the two ends of the 4 tunnel that will connect the distance between the mans and Yeşildere to a thousand 130 meters. Ramadan month, the evening shift workers, excavation and filling work breaks at fasting at the iftar breaks open at the table.
Due to the month of Ramadan Highways 2. Regional Directorate, Konak Tunnels near the exit of the Yeşildere iftar program was held in a region. After a period of time through the vehicles that will pass through the tunnel in the field of the kitchen table of the workers sitting in the tables, from the outside of the tunnel was read the call to prayer opened the fast.
2 Highways, which made a statement to the AA correspondent about the organization. Regional Director Abdulkadir Uraloğlu stated that they were pleased with the progress of the project.
Expressing that the project will connect the Izmir city center to the bus station, the airport, Ankara and Istanbul on the shortest route, and the opportunity to cover an average half-hour distance in 2 minutes, Uraloğlu said, “The team carrying out this challenging and sensitive project is working in a family solidarity”, He said that they wanted to bring this family together on a table because of the month of Ramadan.
“We dig the well with the needle”
Tunnels mansion that is one of Turkey's most difficult project of striking Uraloğl the tunnel project, said:
“We have completed the excavation of one thousand 674 meters of the one thousand 200-meter tunnel. We have advanced on the Yeşildere side. On the one hand, final concrete coatings are made. At the entrance to Yeşildere, we came to a situation that could only throw asphalt and open it to traffic. When you look at the overall project, we have passed two thirds. We work on a 24-hour basis.
The highest point of the tunnel is 110 meters, but there are also places where it is 10 meters. Of course, while we work underground, life goes on above. Here we dig a well with a needle. While we are working with huge machines below, we should not disturb the sleepers above. So our speed is slower than out of town tunnels. We try to catch an average of 2 meters a day. Sometimes we go up to 3 meters, sometimes we go down to 80 centimeters. First, we ensure the safety of the employees, and then we try to move forward without disturbing the people above the ground. Our goal is to finish the tunnel by the end of this year. If we do not encounter any obstacle or negativity, we do not anticipate such a thing, hopefully we will have finished the tunnel excavation by the end of this year and possibly opened the tunnel to traffic. ”
Nihat Obut, one of the Konak Tunnel workers, stated that he has been working in tunnel constructions for 22 years, and that his work away from daylight has caused difficulties from time to time. Expressing that they keep fasting more comfortable in Ramadan compared to many professions working under the sun, Obut said, “Every job has its own difficulties. There are days when we don't see the sun. Ramadan has a different beauty and value for the employee. Our work is a bit easier because the tunnels are cooler than outside. ”



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