The moments of smile in Eskişehir's new tramway test drive

The new tramway roads of Eskişehir make you smile in the test drives: While the test drives continue on the new tramway road between Eskişehir's Yenikent and Gültepe neighborhoods, the old habits of the citizens both prevent traffic and create images that make people smile.

During the tramway works, citizens who park their vehicles on the empty road can be reached as a result of a great search and continue on the tramway. Citizens in the environment, in their speech, state that the car owners parked their cars on the tramway for buying bread and pita due to the month of Ramadan, or for other reasons, they say they are looking for car owners from coffee shops. Some citizens, as if, "Wait less tram ..., I'll buy some bread from here ..!" Stating that they exhibit anxiety to the degree, they state that these habits will end in the future and trams can move more easily in traffic.

Ali Al, the headman of the Gültepe Quarter, makes an extraordinary effort to join the car owner and open the tramway at a faster time.




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