KARDEMİR domestic wagon wheel will start production

KARDEMİR will begin production of domestic wagon caster: Fadil Demirel, General Manager of Karabuk Iron & Steel Factory (KARDEMIR), said that at the end of the year, they will start to produce 380 and 450 millimeter diameter round steel for wagon wheel.

Demirel, said in a statement to reporters, Kardemir Karabük of every day, they told us they try to make it more worthy to Turkey.

Indicating that they have reached the end of the investment program, 1-2 stating that they are trying to make the last shot in the month of Demirel, m 1-2 in the month we will commission the blast furnace 5. 3 3 furnace will be activated in the steelworks in parallel with the sinter factory 3. When we activate these three main units, our production park will be 2 million tons. Nowadays, our actual production is around 3 million tons. Two months later we will be going at the XNUMX million tonnes level, İki he said.

Demirel, steel rolling mill and coil drawing attention to receivables in the first half of next year, similar to that in Turkey there in the world, he stressed that the xnumx'ünc.

"We will do high quality round here," said Demirel said, "At the end of the 380 and 450 millimeters in diameter required for the wagon wheel This year we will be producing the rounds, we make none in Turkey. Normal rail alongside the normal channel rails are used in metro and trams, we did it again as the first in Turkey. We gave Kayseri Municipality around the 300 tons last month. Kayseri

Transferring the most important projects related to the environment is water improvement, Demirel, 10,5 million pounds costing the central treatment plant, water is passed through sand filters and drinking water consistency, he added.

  • Energy production

Demirel stated that they produced 86% of the energy they use, ın Towards the end of this month, our HEPP project is running out. In two months, we will be selling electricity to the outside. Konu We will become the factory that produces its energy itself, which is very sensitive to the environment and makes the quality of steel and cuts the importation.

Pointing out that KARDEMİR is not a factory for anyone to call him, Demirel said: Monthly trade volume is now a factory with a total of 3 billion liras. 5 is a very serious economic size and its impact area is a million tons factory. Çok

  • "Turkey has to make production based on ore"

Demirel reminded that the tender for the port of Filyos has been made and that the 3 annual process has begun and that the superstructure tender has been done as soon as possible.

Demirel, said:

“We will be in the superstructure. Build-operate-transfer model will be done. There's a million tons of 8 that we can handle by hand. More than half of the first stage load is ready now. This number will be 3 million tons when we reach 12 million tons. We are coming to the volume to fill the harbor alone. We are the strongest talent of the rate. While they may not need us much, we have to cooperate with us because we have the freight when we operate. Ark

"Turkey has the facts," said Demirel said, "Turkey has to do based on ore production, but currently doing so 75 scrap based production. Therefore, growth and development, will be based on ore-based facilities, Dolayısıyla he said.

  • Developments in the Middle East

On the question of the impact of developments in the Middle East on exports, Demirel replied:

Iz We are seriously open to the world in parallel to Turkish iron steel. They're buying billets from us. In Turkey, the only manufacturer of medium and heavy sections. They're taking it out of us again. Turkish iron steel is currently unlucky. There is either a turmoil or a war, or there are internal conflicts or economic crises in all of the countries around it. Of course world iron steel is also affected.

As KARDEMİR, I think that we consider this very well. These details are the factory's own secrets. One of the strongest organizations of Turkish iron steel is KARDEMİR. The factories in the world in workers' productivity produce a ton of 700 to a worker, and we produce around 550 tons. When we reach 3 million tons, we will produce a thousand tons per person with this staff. Biz

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