Wagons Derailed on the Moscow Metro 5 Dead

5 dead in the Moscow metro derailment: dead in the Moscow metro, as a result of the derailment of wagons, the number of fatalities 5 increased.

According to media reports, three wagons derailed due to sudden braking. According to the report of Ria Novositi, at least 80 people were injured, while the number of deaths rose to 5, according to the first determinations. On the other hand, 50 people injured are reported to be in severe condition.

According to reports the accident caused a power outage. As the electricity went off, the train's automatic braking system was activated, and as a result of the collision of the wagons, the three wagons were derailed.

Many ambulances and firefighters were dispatched to the scene. At the scene, all of the trapped ones were reportedly evacuated, while the other stations were stacked.

The accident occurred between the Park Pobedi and the Slavyanskiy Bulvar stations of the Arbatsko-Pokrovskiy line.

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