Announcement of overtime work on TCD

Announcement of overtime work on TCDD: After the publication of the Prime Ministry Circular no. 2014 / 5 on the conditions and the manner in which the overtime application will be applied, the relevant legislation and circular provisions of the General Directorate of TCDD are reminded by our Head Office in relation to the employees who do not 09.05.2014 date and 70 were requested.

The General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), in both its response to the union and the general directorate of the General Directorate at which it was published, ordered the warnings of the personnel who did not want to do much work by interpreting the issues mentioned in the relevant legislation and the Prime Ministry Circular.

Dear Railroad;

5 Constitution of the Republic of Turkey. In the article, DA Fundamental Objectives and Duties of the State İL will protect the independence and integrity of the Turkish militia, the indivisibility of the country, the republic and democracy, to ensure the welfare, peace and happiness of the people and society, the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person and the principles of the civil law and the jurisdiction. The limitation is stated as trying to prepare the necessary conditions for the development of the political and social obstacles of the people.

  1. In the article ü NO ONE CAN BE RUNNING IL is stated.

In the Prime Ministry Circular Baş to public officials; unless there are mandatory and exceptional cases that need to be completed within a certain period of time, no extra work will be done outside the daily working hours.,

  • In the relevant article of the Constitution, it is said that no one shall be forcibly employed and shall prepare the necessary conditions for the development of the material and spiritual existence of man among the duties of the state. The provision of the Constitution is clear, clear and in a way that everyone can understand.
  • When we evaluate the TCDD according to the gereken within a certain period of time belirli stated in the Prime Ministry Circular, what jobs or works of TCDD are jobs or works that should be completed within a certain period of time?

For the full 157 years, trains have been operated on the TCDD and since the 157 year, TCDD employees have been working on the basis of 24 hours for the preparation of these trains at the Stations and Stations. It is actuated.
Can 157 be evaluated as ”a certain period X? How many more years will it cover? When the trains stop?

What do the terms ”mandatory” D Exceptional in and the ”necessity of work D in the TCDD General Directorate article mean?

THE NECESSITY OF THE WORK: In order for something to happen, it means what it should be.

TCDD's job is to train.

If necessary; The trains can be prepared for the next time and with sufficient number of personnel to be able to have all kinds of technical superstructure and superstructure. It is the duty of TCDD managers to provide the necessary and sufficient elements for the railway transportation with the upper and lower structure. Not employees. Dur Not enough staff, stop trains? Dur The reasons are not a defense. It is the duty of the governors to make sufficiency sufficient.

1,40 is not a penny, his wife, his children, his family, his social environment, resting, restraining the railroad from being happy. Requirement; To determine the overtime pay to express the actual value of overtime hours, to remember the fact that the family of the railwaymen has a social environment and to determine the working order according to him, to overworked workers as overtime work, to the officer under% 50 of normal hourly wage. not to pay a overtime fee.

EXCEPTIONAL: A state of private that does not present continuity, which explains the situation.

It is not unusual to run cargo and passenger trains every day from Ankara to Istanbul. Therefore, those who work on these trains perform their usual duties, not an exceptional task. In other words, there are no studies that TCDD employees can describe as ecek EXCEPTION Yani.

IMPERATIVE: It must be done, can not be postponed, can not be left.

Accident, flood, earthquake etc. It is a necessity to eliminate the negative events caused by exceptional events. A train accident refers to both an exceptional and a compulsory situation, and working in these situations is an obligation and obligation.
The fact that lı 24 hour navigation service is provided istis does not explain the existence of an exceptional situation. Business 24 is a business based service. But it is not necessary to, provide maximum benefit with the least man..

Dear Railroad;
As the Turkish Transport-Head Office, we have rights arising from the Constitution, laws, court decisions and the Prime Ministry Circular, such as not working overtime, not working on the 1,40 penny. I want to know that we will be with every employee who says that I want to use this right.

We expressly state that we will file a criminal complaint for the workplace supervisors who are carrying out the administrative proceedings and that we will be with the employees in any legal struggle for the cancellation of the administrative procedure.

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