50 Discount on Public Transportation in Istanbul

50% Discount on Public Transport in Istanbul: During the Ramadan Feast, 50% discount will be applied to IETT Buses, Metrobus, City Line Ferries, Tram, Metro, Light Metro, Funicular and Private Public Buses in Istanbul.

The proposal of the Plan and Budget Committee was accepted unanimously from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council. In the commission report on the subject, the celebrations celebrating the public enthusiasm, relatives and cemetery visits, already in the busy Istanbul traffic, increased the load due to increased use of special vehicles said. In order to reduce the excitement of traffic in Istanbul and to avoid congestion in Istanbul traffic, additional bus services were requested to reduce the excitement of public traffic. In order for public transport to be preferred, these vehicles will carry a discount of 50 as well as the previous years, while the enjoyment of non-visiting vehicles will be prevented.


General Directorate of IETT (İETT Buses, Metrobüs) vehicles, City Hatları A.Ş. (City Lines Ferries) vehicles, Transportation Co. (Tram, Metro, Light Metro and Funicular) vehicles and Bus Co. with
Private Public Buses will implement a discounted price of 50 within the scope of the service project to be performed, while the remaining percentage of 50 will be paid by the Metropolitan Municipality. In other words, 28-29-30 2014 50 XNUMX XNUMX will apply between the institutions of the vehicles of the fuel expenses of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will pay.

Before the vote of the report, the CHP Group asked the cost of the implementation of the discount to IMM, while the Member of the İBB Council Member and TURYOL Chairman of the CHP, Yunus Can, made the same application for the private marine vessels and the proposal for the payment of the 50 by them. Was rejected by the majority of the AK Party members.

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