Workers working on the cable car line 3 bin 400 doing iftar at altitude

Workers working on the cable car line make iftar at an altitude of 3: Workers working on the cable car line built at a height of 400 meters within the scope of Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center Project of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality.

Erciyes Inc. employees working in the mechanical facilities to complete the winter season until the iftar time is forced to complete up to work.

The Company has 3 years working electrician Mehmet Wrestler, AA correspondent, city, despite being on 30 degree of temperature in the center of the heat after the sun sets in 3 thousand 400 altitude, he said 7-8 degree drop.

Wrestlers work that expresses the middle of summer wearing a fitted, they showed great effort to grow plants season, said they occasionally stayed in overtime.

Written in fast times on the days of working here expressing the Wrestler wrestler, said:

“We are trying to raise the cable car line that will be put into service at the Ottoman station this year. We cannot go down at iftar time because we have to finish the work we started. We make the iftar here by increasing the meal prepared by our friends to 3 altitudes. Our business has advantages as well as the challenges it gives us. It is not possible for anyone to perform iftar by performing prayers and fasting at this height. ”

  • "Turkey's highest point at iftar"

Murat Cahid Cıngı, Chairman of the Board of Erciyes AŞ, stated that Erciyes is rapidly progressing to become the center of summer and winter tourism, and that 70 percent of the investments made within this framework are completed.

Cıngı, who stated that Erciyes Mountain, which has an altitude of 3 thousand 916, built the cable car line and ski slope at an altitude of 3, said that they will open the track and facility this year and continue their maintenance works.

According to the project, Cıngı stated that the 18 mechanical plant was constructed and gave the following information:

“We have to maintain the facilities in the summer. Our maintenance and repair team overhauled all rope transport systems throughout the summer, from the pulley to the bolt. One of them is our Ottoman facility at an altitude of 3 which can be reached by two mechanical facilities from the entrance of Hisarcık Kapı. Right next to the Erciyes crater. Our friends continue their work here. They work day and night with intense tempo to raise the facility for the season. The coolness of the air allows workers to keep the fast comfortable. Iftar is here, they continue their work. Write cities in the fasting people, especially the shortage of thirst while living in the center of our friends working here, having the pleasure of doing Iftar Turkey's highest point. "

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