The 200-year-old train, which was put in the fish dam, adds color to tourism. kazannagged

The 200-year-old train, which was put in the fish dam, adds color to tourism. kazanDirdı: A 200-year-old wagon, locomotive and steamboat, which was placed in the fish dam by the Muradiye District Governorship a while ago. kazan attracts visitors

The 200-year-old wagon, locomotive and steam train, which was left by the Muradiye District Governorship of Van some time ago, kazanIt created a beautiful image with the addition of.

Located within the borders of Muradiye district, which is one of the areas where pearl mullet migration is best observed, the fish dam offers different beauties to its visitors with the work of the district governor's office. The district governor's office, which left a 200-year-old wagon at the fish dam two months ago, used a locomotive and steam wagon. kazancompleted it. District Governor Erol Tanrıkulu, locomotive and steam kazanStating that the wagon, which forms a whole with the sea, offers a different visual feast to the tourists who come to visit the fish dam, he said that they are trying to present the visitors with history and tourism together.

Explaining that they aim to increase the interest of tourists in the region with their work, Tanrıkulu said, “We have reached the final stage in our efforts to promote the district with its historical and touristic beauties. Finally the locomotive and steamboat we've been waiting for kazanWe brought you to our county. We will paint this work in accordance with the original and present it to our citizens as 'Pearl Cafe'.

Tanrıkulu, citizens will sit on the train when they sit on the one hand, while on the other hand the bridge under the water from the bottom of the floating fish to follow the report, thanking the authorities who supported the train to come to the district.
Children who had the opportunity to see the train they saw in movies in their districts had a souvenir photo with the Governor Tanrıkulu.

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