Here is the prison of 20 thousand inhabitants

20 thousand inhabitants prison: Manisa's Yunus Emre district of the inhabitants of Barbaros neighborhood, first by the State Waterworks TCDD then the neighborhood around the wire to react to the fence reacted.

"20 thousand people returned to the prison," said residents of the neighborhood, the entrance to the 3 point of entry to the point that the boredom of the action will be caused by specifying.

One of the central districts of Manisa, Yunus Emre district of Barbaros Quarter 4401 and 4408 at the intersection of the level of the level of the level of the crossroads by TCDD by the efforts to close the fence drew reactions. With the closure of the level crossing, the neighborhood can only be transferred from the 3 point.

Barbaros District Mukhtar Siyami Alak stated that they want the overpass that citizens have right here and said: “We want our rights. We want an overpass so that citizens can pass healthy here. Our mayors are also sensitive in this regard. Whatever we have, we are after we have a social right. State Railways are trying to close this place. I said to the railways that this green area is closed by me so I know you are acting fairly. Only the neighborhood side is closed. ” Explaining that the citizen has what he has to do, how much he has social rights to defend them, Alak said: “As long as citizens want it. This citizen brought me by vote, brought me by election, he brought it with confidence. I try to get whatever is required under the law for them. This is not the Berlin wall. We have to defend the right of this citizen. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey. We live under this flag. We have to take whatever system we have, what rights we have under the law. We want the overpasses necessary for our citizens to live healthy and beautiful. They should find the solution first and then close it. ”

Muhtar Alak said the neighborhood was closed by the state waterworks and railroads and said, leri It is like a closed prison. We ask the authorities to take the railroads on the highway. This is a safer and healthier life for our citizens. We definitely want the overpass. I want an overpass for the safety of our citizens Vat.

60-year-old Gülşen Kaya, one of the residents of the neighborhood, stated that they wanted light on the railway and said, “Durak lowers the design very far away. When it comes to asking for votes, they go door-to-door, either the mayor or the municipality. As for the public, there is nothing. Why is this happening? If nothing is desired for the public, then they should live without a law. It has been on the agenda for 3-4 years. There is nothing left to do. If it is to be done, let something be done properly. ”

Nurettin Pehlivan, the 77-year-old man, pointed out that there was an overpass just ahead of the closure area and said: yaş Bring up the bridge there. At least we get rid of the asphalt and the train. It's better to build a bridge like that bridge. Yukarı

On the other hand, state railways did not make a statement on the issue.

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