2 Million Dollars to the 274nd Stage of Adana Metro

2 million dollars for the 274nd stage of Adana Metro: The cost of the 533-kilometer Adana Metro (Light Rail System), which cost 13.5 million dollars in Adana, was determined as 10.3 million 2 thousand dollars.

A total of 13.5 kilometers of new lines will be added to the 10.5 kilometers long Adana Metro, starting from Ekrem Tok Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital in the central Seyhan District, ending in the Akıncılar District of the central Yüreğir District, and the new stadium to be built behind Balcalı Hospital. The project was prepared to provide transportation within 24 kilometers. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report prepared for the Adana 2nd Stage Rail Transport System Project also released the details of the investment.


According to the report, the total investment amount of the 10.5nd stage line with a length of 7 kilometers and 2 stations will be calculated as 274 million 300 thousand dollars. The route of the new line was organized as Akıncılar, Kozan Street, Ege Bağatur Boulevard, Manolya Street, Yasemin and Yıldız Streets, TOKİ Houses, Fevzi Çakmak Yurt Campus, Çukurova University Agricultural Faculty agricultural area, Balcalı Hospital and New Stadium.

In Adana 3,5nd Stage Rail Transport System, which is planned to be built in 2 years, 10.5 stations will be constructed on the route of 7 kilometers. These stations were named as Tahsilli, TOKİ Hospital, PTT Houses, TOKİ residences, Teknokent Dormitories, Balcalı and Stadium.

The 7nd stage metro line, which will have a capacity of 540 passengers per hour, will provide transportation in 2 minutes on a 10,5 km route. If the new line is completed, the Adanalılar, who takes the metro from the first stop in Seyhan, will reach the last stop in Yüreğir in 7,5 minutes.


Adana Metro, which was built for $ 533 million using an externally guaranteed treasury loan and started to carry ticket passengers on May 11, 14 after the 2010-year construction phase, still owes a debt of 711 million 518 thousand. According to the Undersecretariat of Treasury data, Adana Metropolitan Municipality could not pay 198 million 762 thousand liras of this debt in due time. The transfer of the system to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications came to the agenda in order to remove this debt, which was structured until 2023, from the backs of Adana. Adana Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats made the necessary procedures and handed the file over to the relevant ministry for the transfer of the metro, which is among the heralds of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to the ministry. If these studies are concluded, 40 percent cut from Adana Metropolitan Municipality's Iller Bank share every month will end.



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