160 degree asphalt temperature service challenge

160 degree asphalt temperature service struggle: Asphalt teams affiliated to the Directorate of Science Affairs of Gölbaşı Municipality, despite the overwhelming temperature during the month of Ramadan and 160 degree asphalt warmth is giving service to the citizen in the temperature struggle.
Despite the overwhelming warmth of the asphalt teams of the Gölbaşı Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, they are both fasting and giving service to the citizens in the temperature of 160 degree asphalt during the month of Ramadan. Gölbaşı Municipality Asphalt workers work in the month of Ramadan, despite the warm weather, they serve the citizens. In recent days, the warm weather has been adversely affected by seasonal normals. Golbasi Municipality Asphalt branch employees of the science work in the hot air 40 degree as well as doing asphalt work. In spite of the hectic heat, the workers who are working to bring the service to the citizen struggle on the one hand, the adverse weather conditions and the environment they work on. Asphalt workers stated that the temperature of the air has 40 degrees and the asphalt temperature is 160 degrees, and they have to work to serve the citizens.
In addition, the workers who stated that working in Ramadan did not affect them much, “We are now used, we have to work to serve our citizens. During Ramadan, we are fasting and working in a 160 degree working environment. We thank God for being able to fast despite difficult conditions. Under normal conditions, the temperature of the asphalt is above 40 degrees, the temperature of the asphalt exceeds 160 degrees, so it becomes harder to work. Despite everything, Allah gives patience and we keep our fast. ”



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