Zigana Mountain is not a fearful dream of drivers

Zigana Mountain ceases to be the fearful dream of the drivers: The new Zigana Tunnel, which is located on the Trabzon-Gümüşhane highway, on the historical Silk Road route and connects the Eastern Black Sea to the Middle East, is planned to be built at the foot of Mount Zigana with a length of 12 thousand 900 meters. came to the stage.
The work on the new Zigana Tunnel, which Prime Minister Erdogan announced as the “good news” on his arrival in Trabzon, continues. The new tunnel will leave the Ovit Tunnel, which is under construction in Rize and will be one of the longest tunnels in the world with 12,6 kilometers, 1,7 kilometers closed and 14,3 kilometers open, with a 12,9 kilometers closed tube.
The tunnel, which will start from Güzelyayla location of Maçka district at 45,8 altitude on the 1252,91th kilometer of Trabzon's Gümüşhane highway, and exit from Köstere location of 1211 altitude in Torul district of Gümüşhane, enter the tunnel from Gümüşhane from 1795 altitude and alternate to existing tunnel from 1820 altitude. it will be. Thus, drivers will not have to climb the curved Zigana pass, where heavy snow, fog and icing are experienced, especially in winter due to high altitude.
According to the application project carried out by Petek Proje Mühendislik Müşavirlik AŞ, transportation between East Black Sea and inner regions and the Middle East will be more comfortable thanks to two evacuation turns and a double tube tunnel with viaducts and junctions at the entrances and exits. It is stated that the importance of Trabzon Port will increase with the tunnel, the Eastern Black Sea will become the main center of trade and logistics traffic and the economy will be further revitalized.
- New tunnel will shorten the existing road by 10 kilometers
The tunnel, which started with a slightly curved beginning from the entrance to Gümüşhane, will advance with a slope of 3 percent and will rise from Trabzon by higher elevation. The new Zigana Tunnel, which is planned to be completed in 500 business days, is expected to be tendered and reached the construction stage at the end of the year.
Thanks to the new tunnel to be built with local engineers and staff, drivers who will climb Mount Zigana 500 meters less will save fuel and time with the road shortening by about 10 kilometers.
- "Included in investment program"
Trabzon Governor Abdil Celil Öz, in his statement to AA correspondent, stated that the Highways have very serious works in the city from east to west, from north to south, “Of course, the new Zigana Tunnel is the most important point of this work because the historical Silk Road passes there. "It is our lifeblood that connects Trabzon to Eastern Anatolia, the Middle East and the Caucasus."
Öz stated that the work on the tunnel is continuing rapidly, “The survey project studies related to the tunnel have been completed and included in the investment program. Hopefully, we are waiting for the project tender to be done and the construction will start before the year is over. Yu road will both shorten the distance and facilitate transportation in winter conditions. ”
Stating that the connection of the region with the Caucasus will be strengthened with the construction of the new tunnel, Öz noted that they are waiting for the tender and the construction process of the tunnel that will give life to Trabzon's economy in a short time.


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