High Speed ​​train

📩 25/11/2018 20:52

They chop wedding in the high-speed train: living in Eskişehir and Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (Tulomsas) serving 27-year-old Musab Beekeepers Esra My coach (26), High Speed ​​Train in the Ankara-Eskisehir direction (YHT) entered the world house.

The young couple entered the world house at the wedding, where Eskişehir Seyitgazi Mayor Hasan Kalın was the wedding officer, AK Party Eskişehir Deputy Ülker Can and Ethem Kalın, the financial advisor at the Ministry of Finance.

Stating that they met Esra Koçum at Konya Selçuk University 6 years ago, Arıcı said, “As a Tülomsaş staff, we could not find a better environment than this where we would break the wedding. We wanted to have our wedding on the high speed train. From now on, I hope, as the Turkish people, it will be possible to work harder, produce our high speed trains ourselves, and marry our own children, children and grandchildren in our high speed train ”.

Expressing that the wedding at YHT was a surprise to him, Koç said, “It was a surprise for me, I thank everyone who contributed”.

While presenting their marriage certificates, Deputy Ülker Can recommended 5 children and said, “Let it be a home of love, respect and loyalty. Good luck, God grows on a pillow. Let there be a home with 5 children. ”The young couple, whose wedding was cut off, then took a souvenir photo in front of YHT.

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