Freight train crashed into motorcycle 1 dead

1 dead crashed on the freight train motorcycle: 1 people killed in the crash occurring in the level crossing in the garden district of Osmaniye, 1 people were seriously injured.

Gaziantep, Islahiye district Fevzipasa train station from the garden machine mechanic MY machine support train machine, Hidur Akyuz at Istiklal District level crossing was hit by the motorcycle hit the 80 plate. Hidayet Akyuz died at the scene. Ahmet Yilmaz was seriously injured in the motorcycle. Hidayet Akyuz and Ahmet Yilmaz relatives and neighborhood residents flocked to the scene. Yilmaz, seriously injured, Osmaniye State Hospital ambulance.

The crime scene investigation team, despite the darkness of the investigations found. Hidayet Akyuz's corpse was removed from the Garden State Hospital morgue. Akyüz's family and classmates suffered a border crisis at the hospital. Residents of Istiklal District stated that the signal lamps in the level crossing were insufficient, and that as long as the barrier was not made, sad events could continue. The headman of the district, Yahya Kanbak, said he would petition the municipality for a barrier to be made, stating that there was a fatal accident for the first time in a level crossing. The mechanic MY was taken to the police station to be interrogated.

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