Warnings in Traffic to Fasting

Warnings on Fasting to Fastingers: Road Traffic and Road Safety Research Association, fasting people in the situation of traffic is important, due to nutrition and sahurdan one day life style and behavior of the person expressed some warnings expressed.
Chairman of the Board of the Road Traffic and Road Safety Research Association Haydar Çağlayan, in a written statement, orucun, religious religions that all religions proposed and said.
“Fasting on certain days is assumed in all religions. Although it is different in its form and application, it is essential that one should deny himself from many things within a certain period of time. It is the decision and application of the search. In Ramadan, alcohol consumption decreases at a certain level and some addicts give up drinking alcohol for a month. In Ramadan, the tendency for crime decreases significantly. In addition to the positive effects of fasting, it is important for unconscious patients and elderly people to consult their physicians precisely before starting fasting and not to neglect their treatment. ”
Çağlayan emphasized that the situation of people with fasting is also important in traffic. Getting sleepy and tired traffic in the morning and smoking etc. If there is another habit, it is possible that the person will have tension. If a person also conditioned himself to do so, his psychological behavior will be impaired. Distraction and uncontrolled movements (such as sudden reactions and anger) increase the likelihood of an accident. In the evening, the intensity of traffic in the person at the same time, and the decrease in attention and tension in the person at the same hours of the iftar and behavior of catching up iftar. " he spoke. Çağlayan made the following warnings:
1-We should never be in a peaceful way and rested in the morning when we were resting in traffic.
2-iftara evening iftara must be patient, fasting and blocking of the purpose of many things to keep in mind not to take action to respect ourselves and society should not take action.
3-Iftar does not go on the road after the incident, inter-city traffic in the 2-, 3 breaks by hand in the face should be washed with cold water.
4 - Doctors' insistence on fasting by endangering the health of the patients and elderly people who do not tolerate fasting is primarily against the principles of their beliefs, and maintaining health is the first duty.
5-Fast traffic in cities or roads that will catch iftara fasting at least one hour before the iftar to go out of the iftar to go to their homes and hard not to drive each other advise not to use the horn.
It is important to note that it is not important to keep the iftar but to live the happiness of health, peace and accident.

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