Governor Aksoy: I am against the asphalt road to the bird paradise

Governor Aksoy: I am against the construction of an asphalt road to bird paradise. In the 'Science Bridge from Nature to School in Kızılırmak Delta' program, which was decided to be supported by TÜBİTAK Science and Society Projects Support Program and made in Kızılırmak Delta, together with the Bafra protocol. sohbet Samsun Governor Hüseyin Aksoy, in the face of Sait Karagöl, President of the Bafra Chamber of Agriculture, asked the delta to be asphalt, "I cannot accept it, I am against it, I do not want asphalt." said.
Stating that France is making asphalt road to TAMARK and that it is beautiful, Bafra Chamber of Agriculture President Sait Karagöl said, Başkan After the presidential election of Mr. Governor, we would like to go to TAMARK France under your presidency. The last time it was not, the minister came, but if you see this time, it would be great if you see the State Water Works and the Metropolitan with an 8 or 10 team. We have a naturalization subscriber that you know to stabilize the road condition asphalt. . But sir, they've done asphalt,. He said.
In response to Sait Karagöl, Samsun Governor Hüseyin Aksoy said,, I cannot accept it, and I do not want asphalt. The bad example does not form us. It may be natural stone, but I'm against asphalt. Let's do 0 asphalt to the main entrance of Bird Paradise, we have no hesitation in it, but if it is natural stone, not the paving stone into the delta. There is a natural stone workshop in the municipality. Dust preventive work can be done, there are some clay soils. When you mix this light clay with clay, it is like all asphalt. At one point, we said to work such a material but could not produce anything concrete. If it is made with materials such as dust, so there is no such as asphalt, but such a material does not come out. When clay soil is mixed with stone, it is like concrete. But they couldn't make it. This place as I said something to do friends, natural stone, even outside the concrete will not be parquet. '' He said.

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