The dog stranded in the wagon was rescued by TCDD officers

The dog, trapped in the wagon, was rescued by TCDD officials: TCDD officers rescued the baby Kangal dog trapped in the iron ore-laden wagon in Sivas's Divriği district.

Demirdağ Station Manager Barış Yonguç heard the sound of a dog coming from one of the railway wagons at the station. Yonguç, on the other hand, rescued the puppy dog, who was trapped in the gap between the ores in the vagina, with the train train staff.

The Kangal dog, called "Fıstık", is fed by the staff in the garden of the lodgings at the station.

Stating that they rescued the dog stuck in the gap between the ores with the help of the personnel, Yonguç said, "The dog has become the mascot of our station," he said.

Servet Kılınçer, a train worker, said that they had opened the ore with his hands and that the sound had been reached with difficulty and that the dog had been rescued.

Kilinc said that they thought the dog might have fallen from a bridge in the area into a wagon.

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