Unequaled Adana Metro

Unequaled Adana Metro: Aytaç Durak, a former president of the Metropolitan Municipality, told the Adana Media newspaper his memories. In terms of a problem affecting the fate of the city, the most notable among them was the issue of the subway.

The station praised one praised a subway;

We have doubted the quality of the Moscow and London subways.

In short, he said:

"They are still talking against the subway. The subway is an organism that lives all over the world. You plant the sapling of the tree, then the tree becomes branches, then it passes for a few years and it starts to bear fruit. You will open the main artery in the subway, you will ensure the continuation of the main artery. You will make your arms .. Then it will appeal to the whole city .. You will provide comfort in formation and provide economy .. It will finance itself .. If you leave a single line, I have not been in the municipality for 4 years, they could not do the additional project of the subway even 4 centimeters. . ”

He meant:

"I did a shit .. I did not take the route of the subway to the vital centers of Adana such as hospitals, universities, airports, bus stations .. Bari If Zihni did it .. I am actually innocent even if I see the guilty. I better assign it to Zihni. . ”

Will you look?

You spend your Adanal's apartment full of money, then admit the wrong route.

I think in terms of cost and route errors, yes, there is no precedent ..

Durak said "Adana metro is the cheapest of its peers".

So is it really?

Let's tell .. The construction of the Adana metro started in the same year as the Bursa metro. (Although it has a sloped land as well as Bursa) 13 has cost 25 million dollars for a million dollars.

We were still doing excavations when Bursa Metropolitan Municipality finished the construction of the subway and hung a banner saying “We carried 2 million people”. We were at the beginning of the unknown while Bursa metro was carrying passengers.

It took 11 years uninterrupted.!

In addition, the metropolitan Adana met the cost of the answer to the Aytaç Durak ..

Sample is different, the problem is the same ..

She likes an island kebab, she just doesn't like it.

The D-400 highway (Turhan Cemal Beriker Boulevard), which is called Karnıyarık and passes through the city, unfortunately did not serve the purpose.

Konyal, who prepared the project, is the implementer of the tender.

If Yol is Adana's.!

"What kind of a project is this project, what kind of project are you preparing?" He asked both the General Directorate of Highways and the Adana Metropolitan Municipality many times.

We're going to get some interlocutor for the freaking out, who's gonna brush!

Just like the metro.

These are the same school .. Same mindset ..

Aytaç Durak and Zihni Aldırmaz did great harm to Adana while they were exhibiting their expert personalities. One is the sinner of the subway and the other is the sinner of the carnivore ..

While it was possible to consult their experts in Adana, they hung out on their own. While preparing the metro project, Durak did not take the opinion of the professional chambers in Adana .. Erkan Karakaya is one of the live witnesses of this process ..

The result is obvious.

Big President Durak, he gave me the good mind:

"The subway could pass completely under ... If there was money, we would do it .. Now if there is money, it can be done again .. If there is money, they should download the money below .."

So pes…

We're where the word ends!

Source : http://www.adanamedya.com

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