Uludağ ropeway line comes into service with its new face

Uludağ cable car line is coming into service with its new face: Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe examined the works at Teferrüç Station on site. Mayor Altepe stated that the work of the cable car is about to be completed, and as the Metropolitan Municipality, we are preparing a new facility for the opening in the new period. Our cable car, which was opened on October 1963, 29 and has been serving Bursa tourism for about 50 years, carried Bursa citizens and guests coming to Bursa to Uludağ for half a century. But that cable car is now obsolete. Recently, we have served with that cable car with many difficulties. He said that in 2013, we dismantled that lift and replaced it with our new lift with its modern system.

Explaining that the existing line with 2 stations from Bursa center to Sarıalan has been completely renewed, Mayor Altepe has changed all the poles of the existing line and the line has become a brand new and modern line. With the new system, travel conditions, which were difficult and troublesome in the past, were replaced by modern conditions. With the new system, vehicles that are aerodynamic and especially the least affected by the wind are included in the system. Previous vehicles could not travel at 40 km wind speed, they were disabled. Now the cable car can work up to 80 km wind, he said.

Mayor Altepe, stating that there will be no problems in the trips, our cabin for 19 people will depart every 8 seconds. Our capacity has increased 12 times compared to the previous system. In the past, citizens could not wait for hours and get on the cable car or travel this road by road within 35 km. Now they will no longer have to wait in line. With the new cabins at this modern cable car station, they will watch the beauties of Bursa and reach Uludağ in 12 - 13 minutes. Our citizens spoke as they will arrive in Uludağ with a panoramic view and with the pleasure of watching.

Altepe, stressing that the cable car for many years, experiencing great difficulties, the new ropeway, with a more comfortable conditions and a comfortable journey, the height of fear of those who fear a new system is a new system. Now everyone can travel with confidence and peace, he said.

Reminding that there is no increase in prices, President Altepe, Let's move our people to Uludağ under the most favorable conditions, we want everyone to experience these beauties in Uludağ, the most beautiful mountain in the world. Bursa's new cable car will be launched on Saturday, June 7. He made a statement that will add color to Bursa and add great value to Bursa tourism. Mayor Altepe added that everyone is waiting for the new cable car with curiosity.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:31

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