Uludag Teleferik construction cuts trees despite a court decision

Despite the court decision in the construction of the Uludağ Cable Car, the trees are being cut down: Bursa Bar Association Environmental Commission President Eralp Atabek claimed that the efforts to extend the cable car from Sarıalan to Uludağ, but that the court decided to stop. Atabek stated that trees are still being cut to these studies.

Nature and Environment Protection Association (DOĞADER), Bursa Bar Association and Chamber of City Planners Bursa Branch made a press release about cable car works in Orhangazi Park. Speaking on behalf of the group, Environment Commission President Atabek said: “As the new ropeway project begins, high poles will be set up to protect natural areas on the dense forest area between Sarıalan and the hotels area in Uludağ National Park, and the line will not be cut off trees except the foundations of the line. We have filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization with the permission of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization upon obtaining permission for the tree cutting and starting the cutting in this region during the construction phase. This situation caused deep sadness on the citizens of Bursa. After these developments, Bursa 2nd Administrative Court. On July 24, 2013, it decided to stop execution. The very next day of the decision. In violation of the law, nearly 500 trees were cut down from their bottoms and laid on the ground and left. The goal was to bring it to a plant and destroy the trees altogether. ”

Stating that they made investigations in the region, Atabek claimed that nearly 11 thousand trees were cut within the scope of the studies on June 2014, 1: “In the examinations we made in the region, we determined that nearly a thousand trees were recently cut on a line of about 2013 km. The stumps of the trees cut down in XNUMX had darkened, the leaves were faded and dried. We have observed that the leaves of the newly cut trees continue to give the sap of their stumps on green and soil. Until the trial is concluded, even a single tree cut in Uludağ for any reason is clearly the violation of the law. Despite the court decision, the tree cutting made represents a real crime. ”

Explaining that they saw that the construction of bungalow huts was being carried out in Çobankaya, Eralp Atabek continued as follows: “In the case we filed against these constructions on the grounds that it is against the National Parks Law, Bursa 23rd Executive Court decided to cancel. Despite five months after this decision, we have documented that dozens of workers are working in the bungalow constructions, located directly opposite the facility where the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs of Uludag National Park officials are located. This makes it clear that court decisions are not considered important by the executive organs of the state and are not properly implemented. Despite the court's cancellation decision in Çobankaya, as in the tree cutting, continuing the construction is a major crime and a great threat to the existence of the state.

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