Ukrainian passenger transport in Ukraine fell by 70 percent

📩 25/11/2018 20:52

Ukrainian passenger transport in Russia fell by 70 percent: Russian railways RJD Vice President Mikhail Akulov reported that in the last three months passenger transport between Russia and Ukraine dropped by 70%.

Akulov replied to the question about how the journalists' capacity to transport passengers between the two countries declined:

Di In January- February, it was fine. However, in the last 3 month there has been a decrease of 70. Russian Railways meet the demand for transportation, Ukrainian trains continue to operate smoothly in Russia.

Too many passengers from Ukraine to Crimea. We have sold a combined ticket for railway, ferry and bus communication to the 72 thousand people who want to go to Crimea via Anapa by jumping from the region of Ukraine. Şimd

On the other hand, the 2014-2015 train movement graph, which started to be implemented by Russian Railways about the train services between Russia and Ukraine, started in June. The 9-2013 working graph of Russia with Ukraine included the 2014 train to 45 to Crimea.

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