Third airport will transform Istanbul into an aviation center

The third airport will transform Istanbul into an aviation center: Head of Istanbul Studies Division. Dr. Recep Bozlağan, 3rd on financing airport, "third airport will be built in Istanbul, Turkey's economy while saving billions of dollars every year, Istanbul will also transform the world's most important aviation hub," he said.

Head of Istanbul Studies Division Dr. Recep Bozlağan explained the unknown aspects of the Third Airport Project, where the groundbreaking ceremony will take place on 7 June.

Speaking about the 3 airport in a program he attended in Istanbul, he was also the dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences at Marmara University. Dr. Bozlağan, X Approx. 80 thousand acres of land will be built on the airport, the area occupied by Ataturk Airport will be a large floor 7. The annual 150 will be one and a half times larger than the airport of Atlanta, the world's largest airport, with a capacity of millions of passengers. 100 will provide employment opportunities for a thousand people and will contribute to the employment of hundreds of thousands of people indirectly. Due to lack of capacity at Atatürk Airport, international airline companies, which do not organize flights to Istanbul, will also launch flights to Istanbul. Thus, Istanbul will become the world's busiest transportation hub. 2013 has a total of 630 thousand tons of cargo traffic, which exceeds the annual 2 million tons and has the potential to become the biggest air cargo hub in Europe. X

Y From the point of view of the environment, the problem will not open a problem “

Bozlağan stated that the lakes in the airport area were caused by the old stone, sand and mines filling with water in time and they were not deformed by the natural structure of this region. It will be open. Besides, the water reserve in the lakes in these areas is not large enough to be taken into consideration in terms of meeting the water demand of Istanbul. The claims that the airport is on the migration routes of birds are exaggerated. Because Ataturk Airport and Adnan Menderes Airport are also located on the migration routes of birds, Çünkü he said.


Professor Recep Bozlağan said in his statement, X The proposed airport to be built in Gazitepe district of Silivri in 1995 is on 70 kilometers from Taksim, Eminönü, Mecidiyeköy, Levent and Maslak. no investment. Moreover, as the Gazitepe region consists of first-class agricultural land, it would be necessary to deactivate the valuable agricultural lands for the construction of the airport, which would be a significant loss for the country's economy. For this reason, the capacity of the proposed airport in Gazitepe was limited to 7 million people. This capacity is far from meeting half of Istanbul even the need to leave Istanbul,-he said. There is no rich forest texture in the region as claimed. The lands that are claimed to be forests are located to the south and east of the place where the airport will be built. On the other hand, the airport will be built on the Black Sea coast, and it will be possible to expand the airport according to future needs. Diğer

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