TFSF 30. Ordinary General Assembly

TŞOF 30th Ordinary General Assembly: TŞOF President Apaydın: “The fact that the elections were held as a single list in the general assembly with 5 thousand 40 delegates is an indication of the community's belief in unity and solidarity” - “With Law No. 6111, all debts of our tradesmen to the public were restructured and The opportunity to be paid in installments has been made possible.
Drivers and Vehicle Turkey Federation (TŞOF) President Fawzi Apaydin, "5 to go 40 thousand in a single list to choose delegates to the General Assembly, unity and togetherness indicator of confidence in the community," he said.
TŞOF's 30th Ordinary General Assembly held at ATO Congesium started with the opening speech of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
The current president and re-candidate Apaydın, 5 bin 40 delegates to the general assembly of the general list of elections, the community's belief in unity and solidarity, he said.
Apaydın, stating that the studies on the Road Transport Law No.4925 and the Road Transport Regulation have yielded positive results, said, “The opportunity to apply a 2013 percent discount on the license fee until the end of 75 for those who will carry out intra-city and in-city transportation with vans. It was implemented with the change in its regulation. With the recognition of a 2 percent tolerance for truck body widths and a weighing tolerance of 3,75 percent of the vehicle's maximum weight of +500 kilograms, the grievance of our tradesmen has been eliminated ”.
"Attaching cash registers to taxis was prevented"
Apaydın, who pointed out that the results of the studies on tax and social security premiums were taken, said:
“With the Law No. 6111, all the debts of our tradesmen to the public were restructured and the opportunity to be paid in installments up to 3 years. Installing cash registers in taxis was prevented, and the draft Income Tax Law was changed in favor of our tradesmen. The removal of our carrier trades from the simple method was prevented. Drivers who work less than 10 days a month in workplaces such as taxi, minibus, minibus and public bus have been insured for 17 days by paying a premium for 30 days. "
Apaydın noted that an administrative fine of 60 lira for each excess passenger exceeding the carrying capacity was rearranged as an administrative fine of 50 lira "regardless of the number of passengers", and the 20 penalty points were reduced to 10 penalty points if the vehicles are taken over the transport limit.
Referring to the fact that the seat capacity of minibus type vehicles has been changed to 17 seats including the driver, Apaydın said, “By making amendments to the temporary article 5368 of the Disabled Law numbered 3, public transport vehicles with 9-16 seats excluding the driver's seat will have access to the disabled until 7 July 2018 With the "Accessibility Monitoring and Supervision Regulation" dated 20 July 2013, additional time was given until 7 July 2015 to complete the deficiencies for vehicles that had to be modified according to the law.
65 criticizes the public transportation of citizens over the ages and above
Apaydın, who criticized the law regulating the free transportation of the citizens of 65 age and above, who came into force by being published in the Official Gazette, said:
“The services received from those who are engaged in trade are free of charge, it is against the nature of trade, and the government should undertake these services. The political authority acting on the principle of social state; If the tradesmen, who carry out independent public transportation activities on their behalf, break this responsibility by law, it will also harm the peace of work in the society. The subject was conveyed to our Prime Minister regarding the subsidization of the financial burden. Our works also continue with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. In addition, our carrier tradesmen who lost their rights in relation to the said legal regulation were helped to file a lawsuit by using their individual application right to the Constitutional Court. "
Tax and social security premiums and obligatory traffic insurance premiums reached the unreachable rates by the trades Apaydın, so far 2 thousand 748 students said they have given scholarships.
Turkey Confederation of Tradesmen and Artisans Chairman Bendevi, founded in Palandöken the chairman, the vice chairman Cahit Lightning, Naci Sulkin Show, was also clerk Ahmet Suat Stone and members.

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