Journey to history with the museum at Erzurum Train Station

Erzurum Railway Station, the date of the journey I müzeyl: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Erzurum museum visitors in the train station, making traveling to date with memories.

In the times when the technology is not yet developed, from the bells that tell the train that the train has arrived, waiting for the departure time of the train in the waiting room, the gas lamps used in lighting, the English-made 1900s field phones and the white memories of the black train from the bar in the museum within the body of the rare 5 works of the Republic period.

Manager Yunus Yeşilyurt, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, as a result of the work of the railway staff in the museum, which sheds light on the history and the memories of the hosts that live in the structure of living in the proud, he said.

Stating that their aim is to keep the white memories of the black train alive from past to present, Yeşilyurt said, “There are approximately 350 pieces of historical monuments in our museum. All of them are here with the effort of the railway staff. Our goal is to show that the railways arrived in Turkey from where and to collect the black and white memories of trains under one roof. To ensure that people find a souvenir amongst those rare artifacts during their visit. ”

Yesilyurt, the museum visitors did not want to go out as soon as possible, they said they understood the notes they wrote in the notebook.

Railways museum is free and open to everyone who expresses Yeşilyurt, said:

“The Railways museum was created entirely as a result of the efforts of the staff. There are about 350 rare artifacts in the museum. The materials used in the railroads in the past years remain intact without any damage. In our museum, there are leather bags used for carrying official correspondence and intercity money, old phones used in communication, bells used to inform the passengers before the technology adapts, antique lamps used to illuminate the waiting hall before electricity. The next time the tunnel reminiscent of the past at the museum, where the railways in Turkey show that came from our ultimate goal. "

Yesilyurt, those who visited the museum most of the Republican period and 5 is one of the rare works they wanted to see the shilti.

Slime, 1939 in the opening of the building of the gar is given due to the opening of the building, the only wishes to transfer these memories to future generations indicating Yeşilyurt, said:

“Our citizens leave here satisfied. They are traveling to nostalgia or traveling to the past. The mattress of 1939 in our museum is one of the most popular works. The mattress, given as the opening memory, is also one of the 5 rare works of the Republican period. Transferring these works to future generations is our only goal. There are very interesting dialogues that our citizens convey to our guestbook. They travel through the past by conveying their feelings. Because there are every souvenir from healthcare materials that have never been used, to medicines preserved with or boxes in the 1900s, which have no examples even in factories, to the original plates, forks and spoons sets used in train restaurants, to the original TCDD hours. In the past, people would always expect their loved ones at the train station, and they had different memories during these waiting times. Now those who come here find their loved ones among those memories. ”

Yeşilyurt stated that the Telecom regional directorates also have historical telephones that are not in their museums and said, “Our Turk Telekom Regional Manager expressed his surprise by saying 'you have historical phones that we do not have.' In fact, it really is. "I have not yet seen the example of British field telephones from 1919 and 1930 in another place in the museum."

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