Trabzon will be a city of tunnels

Trabzon will be the city of tunnels: There are 23.7 crossroads, 11 crossroads, 4 tunnels, a viaduct on the 4 km long Kanuni Boulevard route, which will make Trabzon another Trabzon when it is completed. Construction of 3 of the four tunnels to be built on the boulevard that will make Trabzon another Trabzon has started. Excavations in the Starry, Beşirli and Boztepe tunnels continue at full speed.
The construction of three separate tunnels continues on the 23.7 km long Kanuni Boulevard. While the construction of the Akyazi, Beşirli and Boztepe tunnels is under way, preparations for the construction of the Bahçecik tunnel, the fourth tunnel on the boulevard, continue.
On the route of Kanuni Boulevard that will make Trabzon another Trabzon and in the Akyazı Tunnel, which is built with double tubes, a total of 4 thousand 894 meters of right and left tubes. 2 meters of the tunnel were pierced. 300 meters of the 2 thousand 80 meters long Beşirli Tunnel, which is still under construction as a double tube, has been excavated. The length of excavation in the 630-meter-long double-tube tunnel, which was started at the exit section of Boztepe, reached approximately 675 meters.
Noting that the main body of the road will be revealed by the beginning of 2015 with the start of tunnel and viaduct construction, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu said, “Trabzon is taking giant steps towards becoming a world city. Kanuni Boulevard will be put into service after 5 years. It's not like it will last 25 years like it used to. As long as the stability of our country, the embracing of 76 million people, peace and brotherhood continue. This road to our city kazanI would like to express my gratitude to our ministers, deputies and bureaucrats, especially our Prime Minister, Mr.
Noting that they are happy to start Trabzon with three lanes of 23.7 km long Kanuni Boulevard, which will make Trabzon with a pearl necklace, Mayor Gümrükçüoğlu said, “After leaving the Boztepe tunnel of Kanuni Boulevard, the joint efforts of our Municipality, Highways and the contractor firm The result will be connected to Değirmendere in the coming months ”.
On the route of Kanuni Boulevard, which was previously planned to be started from Akyazı and extended to Yıldız, with the change made in the project, there are 11 crossroads, 4 crossroads, 4 tunnels and a viaduct. The project, which has three traffic lanes and three traffic lanes, has a 5-meter wide sidewalk on the right and left. This project includes the development roads of the city and other transportation systems, Beşirli, Toklu, Karşıyaka, Aydınlıkevler, Soğuksu, Erdoğdu, Bahçecik, Yenicuma, Boztepe, Çömlekçi, Esentepe, Çukurçayır, Kireçhane, Gölçayır, Düzyurt and Gözalan by providing connections in the development of the city by creating the main transportation backbone will form.
Installation of prefabricated beams of Sera Creek Bridge, which is on 41 meter length on Kanuni Boulevard route, finished and production of decking was completed. Akyazı D Arm of 72 meter length. Another bridge on the route, the 31 meter-length Gürbulak Overpass bridge was completed. The production of the KIRIRLI Creek K-53 bridge with a length of 7 meters has been completed, and the construction of the production of the trench is continuing. The construction of the Kizirli Creek K-205 bridge with a length of 6 is continuing. The construction of the 35 K2-K3 bridge with the length of 4 meters is continuing rapidly.

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