TIR system is moving to electronic media under the leadership of Turkey

TIR system is moving to electronic media under the leadership of Turkey: Customs and Trade Ministry of International Road Transport Union (IRU) project conducted by the TIR system is moving to electronic media.
Ziya Altunyaldız, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, who came to the United Arab Emirates for the "International Road Transport Seminar" organized by the International Road Transport Association (IRU), an organ of the UN, within the scope of the project carried out with the IRU, the electronic system of the TIR system used in international road transport. He stated that it was moved to the environment and this system reduced the waiting time and costs at the customs.
Altunyaldiz said that they are trying to create a safe, competitive and reliable system in the international arena.
“Logistics is one of the most important elements of international trade, especially in the world. If the logistics infrastructure is not managed well, it is not possible to be competitive. The most important element of this is transportation. Thanks to the IRU's TIR system, a direct surety agreement is made with a surety institution in the country without the need for banks. This system provides coverage for goods covered by a truck of at least 60 euros for a small cost expressed in cents per TIR carnet. This guarantee provides the passage from country to country with a single letter of guarantee and declaration in transit transportation. "
- "TIR system is moving to electronic environment"
Altunyaldız noted that the TIR system is a customs transit system used in the international transportation of goods, and today the concept of TIR is also known as a general name given to freight trucks. Altunyaldız stated that, as the Ministry of Customs and Trade, they are carrying out a joint project with the support of the EU, together with the IRU, for the effective implementation of the system and the transfer of the existing TIR Carnet system to the electronic environment.
“Thanks to this international system, where pre-notification is made regarding the goods transported to the customs and the guarantee, the customs only carry out the control and a fast transition is provided. Waiting at customs and costs are falling. Items are provided to arrive at their final destination as soon as possible. Thus, a safe, competitive and operable system is created in the international arena. "
Turkey's transport system in the IRU TIR Carnet indicating that one of the most using the Altunyaldiz country, "edited from the 100 of every 25 TIR Carnet Turkey produces, therefore, we represent 25 percent of the system. The role of our country, which has this much weight and volume, in the system is also carefully monitored by other countries. Thanks to these projects, we are speeding up and making transportation in the region as safe as possible ”.
- "We are establishing a multi-transport system"
Referring to Turkey's Altunyaldiz 2023, the country is in a vision, and stressed that many factors, including competitive logistics should be first on the road this vision. Reminding that it is necessary to have ports around the world in order to realize the targeted foreign trade volume of 1 trillion dollars and exports of 500 billion dollars, Altunyaldız said about the multi-transportation system:
“We are establishing a multi-model transportation system in which the road, seaway, railway and airway are interconnected. As the Ministry of Customs and Trade of Turkey needed to move among the world's top 2023 economies in 10. We are trying to build this infrastructure. We also need ports around the world to achieve the targeted foreign trade volume of 1 trillion dollars and exports of 500 billion dollars. In order to realize all these, multiple transport systems must be integrated nationally and internationally. "
Development of projects in Turkey, thousands of people ensures that employment and transport sector Referring to the importance of conservation and development level reached by the Altunyaldiz, land transportation of taking on the role of foreign trade in our country effectively, efficiently and stated that they carry out the necessary work to be carried out in a competitive manner.
- "Dubai, China and Pakistan are also included in the TIR system"
Noting that the UAE was a party to the TIR system at the UN in 2009, Altunyaldız completed his words as follows:
“Dubai, China and Pakistan are also joining the TIR system. For the first time, Dubai Emirate has both established a surety organization and demonstrated its determination by becoming a member. In the coming days, it will start transportation in the TIR system. Other emirates will follow. In addition, there is a development in the region such as China's joining the system. The joining of a country called the production center of the world to the TIR system is an extremely important development in terms of international land transportation.

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