TIR Slammed To East Express 1 Dead

TIR hit the Eastern Express 1 dead: At the Oymaağaç level crossing in KAYSERİ, a truck belonging to a cargo company hit the 'Eastern Express' going to Ankara.

In the crash, Sadettin Çimen, the driver of the TIR, died. As a result of the passenger train getting out of the 54 locomotive and the 1 wagon, Kayseri-Sivas, Kayseri-Ankara railway was closed.

The accident occurred at 04.55 hours in the central Kocasinan District Free Zone junction Oymaağaç level crossing. With the 01 CHE 13 plate cargo truck under the direction of Sadettin Çimen, the mechanics who came from Sivas and went to Ankara when the barriers went down uncontrolled even though the barriers were lowered; He hit the 'Eastern Express' under the direction of Erkan Özsoy and Semih Öztürk. While the TIR driver died in the accident, the trailer of the truck was separated.

With the impact of the crash, the locomotive numbered 22005 and the two wagons behind it were derailed. While the dispatched officers took the passengers in the train to Kayseri Station, 5 wagons were also pulled.

The police made an investigation and applied to the statements of the mechanic Erkan Özsoy and Semih Öztürk. 4 slightly injured passengers were treated on an outpatient basis at Kayseri Training and Research Hospital. Works were started to repair and subsequently open the Kayseri-Ankara, Kayseri-Sivas railroad, which was closed as a result of the locomotive and 2 wagons derailing and dismantling the rails.


It was determined that the speed of 70 kilometers in the accident that occurred when the truck driver Sadettin Çimen in Kayseri brought the shipment and parcels from a cargo company from Kayseri to Adana. In the examination made by traffic experts, it was determined that while the speed dial of TIR showed 70 kilometers, the driver Sadettin Çimen hit the Eastern Express even though the barriers were closed. After the accident, TCDD officials started lifting a locomotive and 2 wagons on the rails with a giant crane going on the rails and two-wheeled towers from private companies.



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