The bridge connecting the Anatolia to the Balkans will be restored

The Bridge Connecting Anatolia to the Balkans Will Be Restored: The historical stone bridge in Uzunköprü district, located on the Ergene River and connecting Anatolia to the Balkans, will be restored.
Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Mayor Enis İşbilen said that cracks started to form in the historical "Uzunköprü".
Nearly one thousand 392 meters long 174 belt of the bridge voicing İşbilen, said:
“Unfortunately, cracks occurred in the bridge over time. Over 174 of the 50 arches of the bridge had cracks. The facade has been renovated several times so far, but now there are major problems on the bridge. Over the years, vehicles of very heavy tonnage have passed and damaged the bridge a lot. Vehicles weighing more than 3 tons are no longer allowed to pass. "
Isbilen, General Directorate of Highways, the bridge has prepared the project, after the tender process, the restoration work will begin.
After the restoration of the bridge will be closed to the traffic that will be used for tourism, said Isbilen, said:
“Uzunköprü is the only and the world's longest stone bridge on the Ergene River, connecting Anatolia and the Balkans. Now we want to use the bridge as a cultural heritage. Historical lighting will be made on the bridge. We will organize various cultural events in the arches and eyes of the bridge. "
İşbilen noted that Uzunköprü alone reflected the greatness and splendor of the Ottoman Empire, and that the bridge was used as a step in the passage of the Ottoman army to Rumelia in history.
- The history of Uzunköprü
The stone bridge connecting Anatolia to the Balkans was built by the chief architect Müslihiddin in 1426-1443 by Murat II. The bridge, which has 2 arches, is 174 meters long and 392 meters wide.
The bridge, which was built to cross the Ergene River, which was a natural obstacle to the Ottoman conquests in the Balkans, enabled the invasions to continue in the winter.
With the restoration, it is aimed to extend the life of the bridge, which was last repaired in 1963.



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