TCDD temporary workers retirement revolt

📩 25/11/2018 20:46

TCDD retirement rebellion of temporary workers: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Since 1975, Moosh 140 workers as seasonal workers, lamented not being able to retire.

The workers, who expected to be laid off after the age of 60 because they could not retire, asked the government to provide convenience for seasonal workers working on the State Railway. TCDD 5th district worker representative İzzet Açıkbaş said, “Until 2009, we worked for a maximum of 3 months a year and 6 months after that. We will be laid off before we can retire. ” Açıkbaş said “While those who are hired retire under the law that came out later, those who were hired in 1975 have to quit before retiring. In this case, there are 140 temporary workers in our affiliates. Before 2009, workers worked on an average of 25 to 90 days a year, and we want to review the status of these workers. ”

Abdulbari Akkus, one of the workers, stated that he started working in 1981 and completed the age of 60. “I have paid premiums in 33 years, that is, the number of days I worked is 1000 years old, I will be laid off before I retire. There are people I am responsible for looking after. How do I take care of them? Since we are older, nobody can hire us anymore. If the state finds a solution to this, we will be saved. We want to be under the guarantee of the state we give our years like everyone else. ”

SGK officials said that workers should be paid 60 thousand 3 days premiums in order to retire at 600. 140 worker has at least 600 and 1700 days is at least XNUMX.


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