TCDD 4 reaches 200 million passengers per year

TCDD 4 200 million passengers per year was reached: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is a joint project İZBAN, 4 200 million passengers was reached in years.

İZBAN, which serves the 80 km line between Aliağa and Menderes and carries its first passenger on August 30, 2010, was Elif Özçiçek (200), a student of Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Education, Department of Education. When Özçiçek came to the turnstile, he could not pass because there was no money in the city card. Özçiçek, who came to the turnstiles by loading money from his box office, sirens rang when he read his card. Elif Özçiçek, who was amazed, was said to have 21 million passengers.

Stating that he is from Tekirdağ, Elif Özçiçek said, “I am a student. I was amazed. I always use İZBAN and Metro in a place like Izmir. I am happy to have won a 1-year free pass. ”

IZBAN General Manager Sabahattin Eris wished Özkan success and said they were happy to reach the 200 millionth passenger.

İZBAN Assistant General Manager Sonmez Alev also a sense of Turkey's population Since the service began 30 August 2010. They said they reached a number of passengers exceeding seriously. Noting that İZBAN has increased both the number of passengers and its hinterland with the new sets to be purchased, Alev stated that the flights between Aliağa and Menderes will be extended to Torbalı soon after. Alev said, “We will reach the 500 millionth passenger in a very short time. Our 200 millionth passenger was Elif Özçiçek. There was no money in the city card and after he filled it from the box office, he came to the turnstile for the second time. I congratulate him. He won a free trip from us for 1 year. ”



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