Struggle from Police to Strike Workers in France (Video)

Strike in France Struggle Railway Workers Struggle from Police: The Tf1 channel said that the unions, which went on strike last week, argued that next year's parliamentary reform would lead to a loss of quality, while the 1 strike was in vain.

While the Tf1 channel reported that the unions, who went on strike last week, argued that the reform to be discussed in the parliament next year would cause loss of quality, the strike that has been going on for 1 week was harshly intervened. When the workers who were demonstrating in front of the Parliament building in Paris wanted to enter the Parliament garden, the polissert intervened. Prime Minister Manuel Valls,

he said that the reform package, which pushed the workers, was presented to the parliament by the unions and would not compromise on that.

It was claimed that the damage suffered by the French Railways Administration due to the strike gradually increased, and the corporate debt, which reached 40 billion euros, could reach 10 billion euros within 80 years if no measures were taken.



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